Mestský úrad Senica, Štefánikova 1408/56
905 01
00421/34/651 5004
00421/34/657 40 58
48°40’53.60”N 17°22’52.43”E
Infosen - informačná kancelária mesta Senica (Námestie oslobodenia 11/17)
tel: 00421/34/651 64 59
fax: 00421/34/651 64 59
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Senica is located in the north-east part of Záhorská Lowland, close to the Austria and the Czech Republic. The fi rst written testimony of Senica is given in the Deed of Belo IV the King from 1256. The today’s Senica with more than 20,000 inhabitants is a modern economical, cultural, social and administrative centre of northern Záhorie region. The historical and cultural town monuments are the late-baroque manor house, in which the Záhorie Gallery seats, the St. Anna’s Chapel from the 15th century, the roman-catholic Holy Mary Church and the Evangelist a.v. church. In the cultural sphere, Senica is known by the Záhorie Theatre, which interprets its plays in the regional dialect, the Záhorie Wall of Glory, giving up the honour to important personalities of the region, or the literary competition the Literary Senica of L. Novomeský, where literary talents are presented. The Záhorie Marathon is connected with Senica; the attraction is the top golf course with two 18-hole golf playgrounds in the sandy and pine forest environment. A rich off er for active relaxation in the city provide football and winter stadiums, sports hall, modern indoor swimming pool, sauna, fi tness centre, summer swimming pool, handball and volleyball courts, tennis courts. The suburban recreational zone Kunovská Dam is connected with the city by a popular and sought-after biking trail along the Teplica creek. After draining, the water tank is modernised, with several new features. Tourists have the possibility of accommodation and boarding, sports activities.