Obecný úrad Zemianske Kostoľany, 4. apríla 60/28
Zemianske Kostoľany
Irányító szám:
972 43
00421/46/546 61 81
48°41’3.39”N 18°31’24.47”E
15 °C
25 °C
Időnként felhős
16 °C
31 °C
Többnyire napos
17 °C
33 °C
Időnként napos
17 °C
33 °C
Többnyire napos
17 °C
32 °C
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A village with rich past and presence
The fi rst written mention of the village lying on the banks of the Nitra River under the Vtáčnik Mountains dates from 1331. The history of the village is connected with the noble family of the Kostoláni and Tarnóci. There are up to 12 immovable cultural monuments enlisted in the register of the Monuments Board of the SR. After the reconstruction in 2015, the largest renaissance manor from 1560 was made available to the public. Important buildings include other mansions, curias, churches, a residential tower and monuments dedicated to fallen people. The building of the school is also interesting. The village with 1780 inhabitants has almost complete amenities. In the spirit of preserving traditions, there are annual events such as carnival feasts, erection of maypole, St. Nicholas‘ arrival, the Municipal Days in the month of June, as to the latter traditions, popular are: New Year’s Concert, Representative Ball, Mother’s Day, Festival of Amateur Singers of Popular Songs Crystal Vase, show of activities of senior citizens Autumn is a Gift, Run of the Slovak National Uprising. There are two groups of folklorists in the village – the Children’s folklore ensemble “Domovinka” and the Folklore ensemble “Domovina”. The village occasionally organizes events in the Renaissance manor house - Night of Museums, exhibitions, tours, etc.