Mestský úrad Humenné Kukorelliho 34
Irányító szám:
066 28
00421/57/7863 211
0421/57/775 26 67
48°56’18.40”N 21°54’34.40”E
-5 °C
7 °C
-4 °C
8 °C
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-1 °C
10 °C
0 °C
13 °C
-2 °C
11 °C
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Humenné - the heart of the upper Zemplín Region on the Laborec River,
is an economic, administrative, cultural and social centre, has industrial traditions and a number of foreign investors are active here. Evidence of settlement dates back to the Bronze Age. The fi rst written mention of the town dates from 1317 and is associated with the noble Druget family, who also built  a beautiful Renaissance manor in the town(last reconstructed in 2016). The wooden church of St. Michael Archangel (1754) dominates in the near open air museum. The most easternly situated Gothic sacral structure in Europe is the Roman Catholic Church of All Saints (14-15th century – the Franciscan church), where the remains of the St. Bonifacius – a martyr – are buried. The monuments also include the Baroque- Classical Greek Catholic Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1767) or the church dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows in the neo-classicist style (1891) with chapels of the Cross on Calvary. The youngest national cultural monument, proclaimed in 2017, is the Valaškovský / Laborecký Bridge (1900) whose design with hot technique of riveting is exceptionally well preserved and the bridge serves pedestrians across the river Laborec to this day. The city centre makes the sound and light water Fountain of Love attractive, which is part of a pedestrian zone rebuilt in 2002. Surrounding countryside offers opportunities for both summer and winter hiking or even for more popular cycling. The nearby medieval castles Jasenov, Brekov, Cicva, Vinne also attract many tourists. Very good conditions for collective and individual sports provide not only a multipurpose city sports hall, an indoor ice hockey stadium, a municipal swimming pool, but also an indoor swimming pool, which includes two swimming pools, a sauna, a infrared sauna, solariums, a gym, and massage services. The outdoor swimming pool area in summer offers a 50-meter swimming pool for swimmers, a children’s pool with slides, playgrounds and swings, toboggan, minigolf and minifootball playground, volleyball beach and basketball court.